castyourstonesmylove was like: Hai :3 just wanted to let you know that I love your blog :) plus you're beautiful <3 

thanks babe :)

It seems like everyone always talks about how much they want you to be happy, but then they turn around and do everything in their power to prevent it.

superwhohanlocked was like: I had to follow you because you're hella rad AND Shini is my bruh. 

thanks :)

ultrasassy-hitler was like: i just said i miss you bc i haven't spoke to you since june lol i didn't say i wanted you to suck my asshole 

tbh why are you still messaging me? I quit speaking to you bc every time I tried you just saw it as another opportunity to break another piece of my trust. I hope you find someone that can fix you one day, because I’ve given up. you live your life and do what you do, but don’t you ever think for one second that I will ever want to be a part of it again, because I’m so done with you.

ultrasassy-hitler was like: Hi. I miss you. 

that must suck bc I don’t miss you at all. you can’t constantly fuck me over and expect me to take you back, sorry for your bad luck.